Carol Garvey Eckstein
Carol Garvey Eckstein
Free Spirit Beading
Free Spirit Beading
My love of beads started in my childhood. I made the usual rings and
necklaces. Then life and motherhood took over and I didn’t bead till
moving to Colorado in 1979. There I was fascinated by the beauty of
Native American bead work. We had great museums in Denver, and the
libraries had books on beading so I studied. Making cradle boards and deer
skin dolls were my favorite. A mountain man helped with the frame work,
in exchange I did bead work for his shoes and bag.
Again life took over, I put the beads away for awhile. In 2003 I discovered
Delica beads and my beading world changed. A few years later Sacred
Geometric shapes became a passion.

If you are interested in any of these pieces or something different please
email. Thanks

Carol Garvey Eckstein
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